Thank you for visiting our website.  During this pandemic we are offering a COLLECTION ONLY SERVICE to our existing referral agents.

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Welcome to Provide Devon
Food for People in Crisis

Welcome to Provide Devon
Food for People in Crisis

Welcome to Provide Devon
Food for People in Crisis

Food for People in Crisis

Provide Devon

Provide Devon is a christian charity providing food and other essentials to local people at crisis point. Using a combination of fresh produce and donated food from retailers, businesses and the local community, a food parcel can be provided to referral agents within hours.  We provide a rapid response, as often the people we are feeding will have been experiencing food insecurity for some time.  Requests for support may be due to finances, mental health conditions, crime or violence, bereavement or a sudden change to circumstances.  Our aim is to give individuals, the majority of which are children and young people, immediate relief from hunger when they have no other options available.

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Crisis Food Parcels

Our crisis parcels typically include milk, butter, eggs, cheese, bread, a selection of fruit and a selection of vegetables.  We also provide longer life items such as tinned soup, rice and cereals. We now also include a range of toiletries due the frequency of hygiene poverty for many of the recipients of our parcels.

Referral Agents

We ONLY work with trusted referral agencies and are unable to give food directly to the public.  This allows us to offer anonymity to anyone in need of our support and also allows the referral agent to maintain a relationship with their client while longer term support is investigated.

Providing a rapid response to crisis food poverty in Plymouth

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